May 15, 2012

Radio silence

Dondo-Mavue 420km 3 days.

Took taxi back to Dondo and my bike, hoping and praying for the best. Loving the marimbo song. Eventually got everything sorted and headed off to the hospital. The people at the youth mission was absolutely amazing, much better than the stay over at Beira.

Unfortunately it was some sort of parade of hospital, no people to do test. As i was about to leave one nurse luckily came back and could do test. An anxious wait and negative. Sigh of relief, although have to go for another one after week.

In any case went to say goodbye to my gaudrian angels Roberto and Laura, thank you guys so much for everything! Bad news, roberto now has malaria, hope you feel 100s by now!

Headed off very slowly, idea was to just make junction after tar (35km) and see how far get on gravel. Still not 100s but much better. The next two days consisted of zero climbing so progress was pretty good even though tired. Bike busy falling apart beneath me though, perfect terrain for riding a fixie although it is hell on the legs! Can't wait for a steep downhill;). Luckily by times it is sorting itself out so yesterday the freewheelbody was much appreciated. Jockey wheel came apart with bearings flying everywhere, thank goodness for all the spares im carrying, where is my extra bb...lets just keep on hoping, touch wood.

Riding is spectacular, amazing areas passing through, little signal (which makes it even better) so sorry for no updates. Should cross save river today and then we will see how accurate the maps description of sandy two spoor is...

Roads pretty sandy but extremely thankful that the locals ride a singlespeed rigid(well almost all of them) so normally there is a very fine line to ride. Hard though, dodging traffic staying on line, missing sand or gunning through it, fun times. Seeing a lot more evidence of the war, really amazes me how open and friendly these people still are, and towards me, not so sure the reverse would have been true in SA if war was other way round. Imagine an USA in vietnam... In any case Warm and friendly to point of rivalling tanzania..

Was stopped yesterday by 'kom hier dan kan ons bietjie afrikaans praat'. Almost fell off my bike, really in middle of nothing and nowhere. Had good laugh and conversation with Peter from Welkom.

Time to get ready for the rest of the sandy monster to the river and hoping it improves...

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