Jun 29, 2012

Learning to walk again

To steal from Dylan, Do not go gentle into that good night...
Rage rage against the dying of the light...

The last few weeks has mostly been spend rushing about, training preparing moving around and finally the big run. Even though the run was probably not the best idea with the amount of running i've done personally it ranks quite high.

As in the poem, i reckon sometimes one should just forget about the critics, pessimists and the rest of the world. To live one day fully, striving to experience all that this amazing life has to offer, even if only for the briefest of moments, must surely be much better than just drudging along and living complacent lives that our society so forces upon us.

After i withdrew from the freedom challenge i've had a lot of time to think. Also had to do some serious thinking about where i am and where i want to be in my life. Withdrawing was extremely difficult, especially since i don't see myself as someone who would give up easily. Went riding and the knee still not there so probably the right choice though, maybe sometimes we learn more from stooping down than by soaring (sorry can't remember who said that), or maybe its a case of learning to walk again.

This however does not mean that the ride, or for that matter the fundraising project is over. I still need to complete the ride down to cape town to finish the Kili2Cape adventure, it has only been extended for a short while. A random quote, dead fish go with the stream.

I'll give some updates on training and cool experiences as they pop up along the way, hopefully in a few weeks i'll be able to continue on the way down to cape town.

The racing on the freedom challenge between Martin and Alex this year has been something absolutely phenomonal, and made me miss riding way more than i thought i would.

To everyone still on the trail, keep at it!

Learning to walk again...


  1. Let me know when you pass through here, there's always a bed for you.

  2. You're walking quite well for a man who has cycled so far !!!