May 26, 2010

Freedom boxes part 1

So i've been sitting behind my computer the whole day (and the previous two) and still not finished with the project. Good thing is after Sunday i probably would not have been able to ride anyway.  Went hiking in Jonkershoek at 'volspoed' (which with flat batteries=no photo's), amazing view of the mountains, and except for the wind howling over the top it was a great day out. Started with the Pieke, always some great views over the valley and Stellenbosch, then went over to Rifberg, then Cathedral. This bit looks impossible but there is quite an interesting route between the two, as our fearless leader remarked, "Hierdie is nie 'n skool uitstappie nie..", and eventually down Bergriviernek. Luckily we got a lift almost to Langrivier kloof so saved a bit of time. 

So almost time to get back to work, Friday is the big packing the 2l boxes. For the Freedom Challenge you can send these to every support station, lifesaver. Still need to try and figure out what i will need the most when, wonder how much peanut butter samies can fit in one (and in what shape it is going to be after a month).
Reckon biltong and chocolate might be the food of choice here, will post an update later

May 21, 2010

Landroskop hike a bike (misadventure)

So the official rematch was on. Woke up got ready and hit the road to Jonkershoek, getting used to the extra weight of the backpack but still interesting cycling with an extra 8-10 kg on your back and bike, especially the first hill of the day. I knew it would be a tough day, though it would be similar to the Boegoeskloof hike a bike, wow was i ever wrong. Lesson one, don't ever trust second hand information about a route you intend to hike a bike it. But i'm getting ahead of myself.

After our previous epic over the mountains excursion i heard from a friend that there is a much "easier route" over the mountain instead of taking the route through Boegoeskloof. Obviously i was interested and tried to find out exactly the scope of the route, how long?, rocky?, and most importantly is it rideable?
After being assured that the route would be a lot easier than the kloof i was quite exited to try out this new route. Would it open up a new dimension of mountain biking in Stellenbosch area? Hopefully no one of Cape Nature will ever read this blog.

May 19, 2010

Mountain hike a bike Rematch

So after taking a few days off and recovering, yesterday's mountain bike ride was just easy getting back into it. Today was an epic, ride all the technical singletracks in Jonkershoek, day. First time with an 'almost race weight' backpack, about 8kg's, makes a huge difference on just about everything, up, down, sideways and falling ;-).

Just checked the weather report and tomorrow seems about as good as it is going to get. The official rematch is on. A quick recap for those in the dark. Most of the photo's at the moment was taken on the previous excursion, starting in Stellenbosch, Jonkershoek going over the mountains and into Grabouw, most of the terrain was ride able but there was some interesting hike-a-bike sections. Interesting meaning tell your grandkids about it someday. I've scouted most of the route beforehand, hiking it, and needed someone crazy enough to believe that its possible on a mountain bike, thanks Harry. Well about 90km, 12 hours and a couple of spills later, battered and bruised we made it home. Did so much rocks and technical riding that most of our normal riding routes seem quite tame now.

Anyway, since Harry is working and i need a lot of long hike/riding days before the Freedom Challenge, tomorrow will see me attempting a new route over the mountains. If i survive will give an update and some new photo's later.
Remember to feed Hammie...

May 15, 2010

Royco weather

Rain, Soup, Vitamin C.

Yes the inevitable happened, i'm blogging in English. Whatever. Actually i'm sick which is why this blog came to life. Way too much time on hand and there is only so much of a day i'm willing to spend on academics with deadlines more than a week ago and three to go. ha sounds cool.

Hopefully this is the start of things to come with regular updates etc for people to waste their time with. Soon as i can hit the bike again it's time for a rematch with Groenberg...
Oh and while i'm at this, a big up to my unofficial official sponsers making this adventure possible.