Jul 7, 2010

Beating the Pofmuis

Still not quite sure what to do with myself, busy updating the blog and sorting through the photo's. i've successfully beaten the dreaded Pofmuis (according to Marnitz this happens after the race when your body start retaining water and you start swelling), and adjusted the timer for next year;-).
Photo's will be on the slide show, but probable easier/better to just view them here, Freedom photo's. Well need to get back to some projects and find the motivation to not take my bike and backpack out somewhere on such an amazing day.

Since i'm going to redo most of the posts and layout, any comments would be appreciated. Also anyone wanting to join on excursion through the mountains are more than welcome...


  1. I kinda tried blogging on the run, but wasn't so easy then with a dumbphone.

    so afterwards i did the whole thing day by day, probably one day each night before i went to bed. it's the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to do the whole route.

    go look here,
    oh, and i might be doing a bit of touring next week round knysna, so keep an eye on it

  2. I like your slideshow and count down timer. Have you got links or the code. I would like to add to my blog as well