Jun 9, 2011


So it is almost 1 in the morning, the rain is softly falling outside. Inside however it's an entirely different story, clothes strewn over the floor, medical, mechanical and a 100 other different what ifs lying around in my room.

Oh well, for all the exitement i'm feeling it could have been much worse.
Yip hard to believe it is time for the Freedom Challenge again, 2400km of breath taking riding over the country. Luckily at the moment it seems like i might catch a break from the weather, forecasts are nowhere close to last years -12'C starts. Lets hope thats not basking in the sunsine that might never be there.

Still unsure if i will be blogging from the trail this year. The main reason for this post is to help create awareness for the Freedom Scholarship fund, a bit late on the wagon i know but whatever.
So this year i'm doing the Freedom again with the following two main goals:
Raise R30 000 for the Freedom Scholarship fund.
Raise R30 000 for Die Herberg.

Feel free to have a look at these projects and even more so to donate to these causes!
Have fun watching us getting lost!

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