Jun 20, 2011

Trail update 2

bags, inflated them and floated across. Heading off had some mechanicals and lost some time to centacow,but arrived still feeling extremely strong. Heading off into the night i was going to make ntsikeni,maybe at 12/1ish...not to be. Going over one of the climbs had a look up and saw the start of the lunar eclipse. Hard to put in words exactly how amazing the next two hours of riding was under a full moon disapearing into a full eclipse. The science behind it quite easy,sun,planet,moon,line. But the feeling,atmosphere and riding...magical. Probably the best ride of my life.

Unfortunately picked up knee problems,decided to stop early and sleep over at some locals,next morning saw the chicken nest i almost stepped into at the bottom of my bed.

Started off feeling very good,but hit the first climb and knew i was in trouble. Knee started locking up and had a very painfull 6.30hours up what would normally be a 3hour section...time for breakfast...
to be continued

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