Jun 27, 2011

Life is beautiful (ter nagedagtenis van Franken)

Started the day feeling a lot better, food actually stayed with me. As i was cycling along the route and taking in some of the Karoo sights i started thinking about the route in general. Whatever people might say of David (which normally cant be repeated in most conversations), he is a visionary, a magician and along this route, the freedom challenge and everything it entails you get a chance to experience that magic. Phoned home to let them know i'm feeling better and received the news that a family friend passed away the previous day. The rest of the day blurred away with unanswerable questions. What his parents must be going through, there are no words, my heart and prayers go out to them. The only thing i could hold onto to move forward was that life is made up of moments,its up to us to make them as special as possible in the time we have here. As someone said, you only get to live once, but if you do it right maybe once is enough.

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