Jul 5, 2011

Addo (who needs tubeless)

Start ed at Toekomst and went round the dam,navigation was much easier in the light and went through with little problems. Stuck with the new group through the gwaas. If i had to draw a profile and map from memory no one would ever attempt (or find) the gwaas, had a nightmare through there last year. Realised how much you miss when racing, again a spectacular valley with amazing riding that david found. Having a lot of fun on the bike. Even though the people in the group are great and it is a big bonus not having to open all the gates on your own, i find myself uncomfortable riding in a big group(4 :-)), need to go at my own rythm and pace, especially with my knee which is about a constant 3,4 now. Decided to go ahead and try and make my tubeless work again,the massive thorns all over made me think twice about not having tubeless. Made it to bucklands in a much better state than last year :-). Played around and eventually got tubeless working again,whoopla!

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