Jul 5, 2011

Anysberg, a farewell ride

Started off in Rouxpos, raining, again. Knowing cape weather got ready for a long rainy day. Met up with Tim, who is back to finish the race after crashing out couple years ago. Going along nicely having fun sliding around and trying to find gears without chainsuck. Heard vicious barking somewhere off to the right, since i was riding through a herd of sheep figured it must be an anotolian seeing me as a major threat, (or a minor threat) with sheep scattering away. With the gate not far away the first thought that flashed through my mind was to go flat out into the gate and hopefully get vaulted over, painful but at least wont get eaten by a dog. Started chasing for the gate. Heard the bark right behind me and paws mashing on the gravel..too late. Turned around expecting the worst and, the vicious monster turned out to be a young one wanting a playmate. Rode the sandy track to start of Anysberg, good thing it was raining, sand bit harder. Rain started clearing up as I headed to the houses. On the way leaving the reserve I went round a koppie and surprised a small herd of Oryx. For a long time we stared at each other only 30 metres apart. Finally one snorted and off they went. Riding through this astonishing landscape, very isolated and super green from the loads of rain we’ve been battling, it almost felt like this was the trails way of saying goodbye with this special encounter. Sure there’s still over 200km to go but from here on mostly it is on good roads with signs of people and cellphone reception all over. For me personally this year with a burnt Stettyns valley the amazing wilderness of the trail ended as I left Anysberg.

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