Jul 1, 2011

Battle of the storm

After making it to Brosterlea yesterday quite early, the goal for today was always to go at least as far as Hofmeyr, about 140km away. An icy wind was blowing, bottels froze, again, beard toes and all the rest. All along the route there has been a lot of rain and going up stormberg splashed through the ice and puddles... Mistake. By the top my gears were frozen solid, singlespeeding, and my shoes were two solid blocks of ice. Detoured to see the doctor in molteno, lovely tailwind for 10km unfortunately had to cycle it back. No chance of permanent damage, which wouldnt really make a difference at this stage. Also I walk funny and shouldn't run, yebo! Rushed a bit to get back took wrong turn and did a scenic 20km detour, thats how you learn. Mission : get to aasvoelberg and descend in daylight. Got to top just as started snowing, good timing. The downhill is one of the highlights of the route, 12km of technical descending! Next three hours just kept going, headwinds & ice rain. Made hofmeyr at 9.

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