Jul 5, 2011

Baviaans, the crossing

Started off quite early, 3.30, from bucklands,fantastic hosts. Something else stuffing yourself 3 in the morning cause you will need the energy. Stuck with the group for a while but not going to wait on descents, sometimes feel like i'm just riding for the amazing downhills. When david describes a descent as a ridiculous 400m drop you know you're in for fun. Up the other side and all of the sudden the mountains drop off to the side leaving the most breathtaking view of the baviaans with the ocean in the far far horizon. Going down osseberg is something else,lot of fine tricky lines down, suuuper cool. Started with the first of 11 river crossings, unfortunately with my size and full river the narritives description of thigh deep with no crocs doesn't really inspire confidence:-). The road being semi non-existing normally was very much hide and seek with all the recent rain and flooding. After lot of fun&interesting crossings made it to the last one. Slipped on a rock about halfway through, lurching around in my best drunk elvis impression. Managed to only solidly hit one part of my body instead of taking a full dunking. Unfortunately it was my knee. Taking into account the full river and the others still needing to cross i figured crying won't be the best option,tempting as it might be. Surprised a few kudu a bit further on. Hidden valleys and the extra bit of adventure definitely add to the appeal of the trail. Made it quite early to kudu kaya,but with knee decided to stay put. Unfortunately two of the group couldnt find their way out and spent the night in there, bad sleeping conditions but unrivalled beauty there.

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