Jul 5, 2011

Baviaans (hanging tough)

Woke up couple of times through the night from knee, hurt like hell walking,going to be a interesting day. Left a bit after albert and john having to strap knee and quickly sort out some mechanicals. One of the highlight areas of the routes,not even going to try and describe the amazing scenery and beauty of the area,words fail and i'm lazy. Got to top of bergplaas (the mother) just as the sun was rising, stopped for good 10,15min just staring. Just missed a herd of buffalo, other two saw them. Stopped by game rangers asking where our back up vehicles are, since we were in a rhino area, gave organisers number,should be an interesting conversation... Going out of the reserve all the normal crossings which can be done without getting feet wet turned into waist deep hikes. Decided to push on to willowmore while the wind was still quite reasonable,especially after last years experience on this section.

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