Jul 5, 2011

Cathing up

So the blogs never really caught up to me, blaming the phone,donating my charger and being lazy and enjoying the trail too much. Currently lazing around trouthaven trying to find some stuff to scrounge, seems like i'm here too early,last year picked up at least 2kg of stuff. Anyway, will write update about today later, just occurred to me that my last sunshine day was in willowmore, let's hope that changes. Tomorrow quite sadly the trail ends with two low points, a long tar slog up with litter all over the place and a walk up an extremely beautiful valley that recently got burned down. Lots of mixed emotions of almost being finished,but the fat lady hasn't sung yet...


  1. WELL DONE AUGUST!! NOU kan jy behoorlik uitrus en weereens al jou pragtige fotos geniet.[jy kan gerus 'n koffieboek daarvan saamstel..ons sal dit verseker koop !] en vir AL die challengers nog op die Freedompad... STERKTE..STERKTE ! veral in HIERDIE koue...elkeen wat klaarmaak is versker 'n WENNER !

  2. wat n ongelooflike voorreg om ons mooi land so te ervaar, aan David n groot dankie vir n leeftyd se ervarings. een van die mees onontdekte "events" Freedom Challenge

  3. Well done August, a tough ride this year but you carried on despite the sore knee, rain and wind. Nice going. Interesting blog too - thanks for the effort.