Jul 20, 2011


Ok so the fat lady has had her last solo and i'm back to studying, kinda. Still struggling to adapt to life back on Mars, food in the fridge, being warm all the time, water coming out of taps, doing 30km in 15minutes and not two hours...

Will do some updates of the previous posts and sort out the things that never got through, photos, equipment review and all the rest over the next two weeks hopefully.

Just a quick shout out to everyone that supported me on the race, it would never have been possible to finish this year without it.

To my main sponsers and support, my mom (sorry for all the grey hairs but thanks for the support allowing me to do this dream ride again) and my dad (i now [hopefully] know the trail well enough for next year so we won't get lost...too badly).
Marnitz, dankie vir die saamry en regruk toe ek dit gekort het, die koffie na die stormreen, die terugry om te sien hoe ek klaar maak...daar is nie rerig woorde nie, die cool ding is dat woorde ook nie nodig is nie.

To Mason's Bike Inn for the bike wich has completed its second freedom with exactly the same failure as last year (a broken bottle cage).

To David for having the vision to create this magical route from Pietermaritzburg to Wellington, Meryl for all the organising and making sure we all had somewhere to sleep at night.

The support stations, looking after us, feeding the hungry bodies and souls and helping us achieve the dream and complete the journey. To the rest of the blanket wearers for the community, support, fun on the trail and so much more. To my friends and everyone else i forgot, thanks a million.

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