Jul 5, 2011

Master of the zinkplaat

Had good weather,slight headwind but sunshine! No one can be the master of the corrugations. Probably crossed the road over 100times,tried picking good lines,tried riding hard and keeping momentum,tried going slow,tried cringing away like a hurt animal in the hope they will leave me alone...all to no avail. Made it through though as everyone does,a few new friends to meet and learn about on the way. Met Johan just before Prins Albert,heard wind was going to pick up, poor guys hitting that. Johan forms part of those elite group of people whose presence of the trail adds spice to the route, driving out to meet the riders giving coffee and rusks, a lot of mechanical expertise and generally just ensuring a challenger will leave Prins Albert with the best chance possible of making it. (few days earlier he drove over 300km just to replace a jockey). What a legend, a true allstar of the freedom challenge. Had an amazing luxury stay at Dennehof, definitely something to touring this route.

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