Jul 1, 2011

The small things

Having made up half a day on Marnitz and Tim, the plan was to push another big day and catch up with them and have a ride down with the legends. So off to bed for an early start, set alarm for 3. Woke up with the sun shining into my room... interesting... probably that cold weather messing with the phone again. Decided to just take easy 100km into Stuttgart today, passing the halfway mark at Elandsberg. The portage this year was much easier thanks to the clear entry to the track and not walking in the field alongside it in the dark. Met up with the dog at Elandsberg again, kept my duct tape stashed far away. For the most part today the riding was scenic and easy, if someone could please just turn the headwind off. Almost got shot making my way through the field to the road, after trying a Carl shortcut, buck was shot to my far left but I dropped down with my bike and pack like a trained pro. Fright of my life and an eventful end to day.

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