Mar 14, 2012


So finally after learning much more than I ever wanted to know about domain hosts, DNS servers and settings, A records CNAME, MT and TXT entries the website should now finally be up and (holding thumbs) running smoothly. After some initial struggles with the linking and mapping with the Google sites page, switched to Weebly. Although it does not allow such dynamic control over the website as with Google sites one does get the hang of it quite quickly, and for something that needs to be basic and operational it should be fine.

For those of you that lost me somewhere there, no worries, felt the same way somewhere in the last week. The website with more details and information about the next big adventure in my life, the Kili2Cape ride should explain all (in time).
This blog is linked to the website so to all the 'old' followers either should be fine for checking my progress along the way, only applicable when there is signal. Kili2Cape

In short the idea is to ride back down from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town, linking up with the Freedom Challenge along the way. For an extra challenge I decided to enter for the extreme triathlon, must have momentarily lost my mind there. The aim of the ride down is to create a trail similar to the Freedom Challenge, i.e. very little/no tar roads and plenty hikeabike sections to ride some awesome trails and singletrack. Along with this ride I'll be running a fundraising campaign for three charity organizations, follow this link for more information.

So the basics are getting sorted out, although still a kaziliion other things to do, but that should do it for today, as they say, keep the rubber side down!

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