Mar 6, 2012

The Preparation

Time always seems to be the hardest factor with any preparation. Last year following some vague ideas and comments the idea of a mountain bike ride from Kilimanjaro to Cape Town started taking some hazy semblance of a dream.

Now with less than a month to go this dream is fast becoming a reality.
Just to get the ball rolling: The plan is to do a unsupported ride from Kilimanjaro down to Cape Town (April to July), and hopefully arrive at Pietermaritzburg in time for the Freedom Challenge this year. Seeing that Kili is the highest point in Africa it should be a relatively straightforward downhill ride home.

Some later developments on the blog and further posts will give a better idea of the route, equipment struggles and what not, for now its time to get back to the admin side of things and find some more sponsors.

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