Apr 1, 2012

So at the start of the journey, KILI!
Cheated a bit yesterday, after various reroutes and detours headed back to the tar road. B1 traffic too much and got lift with truck for 150km. Still not really sure which would have been better super dodgy ride but glad i'm off that road. Went up tp kili as far as could entry very strict even at villages, so no sneaky entry. The people as friendly as ever, scenery changing from tropical to semi arid. Took some back roads past mt Meru and currently about 30km from Arusha where i'll stay at a friends house, first shower in 3 days. Feels like 40 but time to hit the road again. Will prob take day off and send some more updates 2mrw

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  1. M = Mari=Mother=Mamma.
    A=August=Die Boskind=Z ....(do not ask)
    I will try and cycle a few kilos everyday will start with tekkies as ankle was broken. To support from my side. Maybe i will get fit for some part of the Freedom am going to twist Davids arm ...