Apr 15, 2012

Tanzania here i come (again)

So a change in plans, again. Lost track somewhere on plan f or g or something. Had two rest days in mbamba which was much needed for repairs to body mind and bike. Heading up and off the map and into mozambique. Hopefully there in two or three days.

Gave up on getting the blog up to date, some of the headlines might have read, back into the wild, lusitu and breaking the beyond, a dog with bling is a happy dog, ghost in the darkness and something about damn hard work getting to mbamba.

Some noteworthy experiences.
Gave up on ever being dry again, had some sunshine!! Had some more rain.

Realised its easy to gauge how far off the beaten track you are by people's reactions. Went from kids going mad, mzungu mzungu (must have heard it a million times by now), to kids staring in utter amazement and bit of shock to them running away silently and hiding in the bushes or just bursting into tears.
Once you really lose the plot and track (exploring for shortcuts) even the grownups huddle closer when you approach. Also the further away i went from 'civ' the more the dogs started resembling wolves. Met some seriously scary critters out there.

The 4 days through the mountains are at least on par with first 4 days of freedom if not harder (although the weight might also be a factor). Rode within 20km of the lake for over 70km before seeing it the first time. Had funny moment pushing it to crest the 'last' pass before i see the 'ocean'. Cresting and bam i was looking at an even bigger mountain range.

Met some people that makes one really reconsider what we think of as hospitality (family waiting for me to eat before they start, shared everything they had and solidly refused me to pay for the food or camping). Think about that the next time a smelly hobo knocks at your door. Oh yes and i was reeking, washing mmm well it was raining but when your socks are standing on attention in the morning you know its getting bad.

Pushed/pulled, slid scrape and by times gave up on getting my bike up a hill that i have no idea how anything except maybe a cable car can go up. Was sliding backwards most of the time. Experienced a lightning show that went on the entire night. Had lightning so close and thunder so loud you feel the vibrations. (when not to be cycling to the top of a mountain pass on a piece of iron, well alum). Broke the panniers twice (once with some extremely satisfying kicks so i could fix it proper). There is no substitue for cable ties and duct tape.

Had the most amazing campsite for about R8 day and realised i can't wait for the ship to Nkhata bay any longer. Or maybe the lure of the wild is calling again...

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  1. N jong student op n kennisgewingbord waar sy werk...

    Happy are they who take life day by day. Complain very little and are thankfull for the little things in life.

    Eks dankbaar vir elke post kos en nuus. M