Apr 4, 2012

Thunder and the valley of a thousand (50) muddy hills

Bit tired so just short update. Went straight from arusha to balati, and the mud today made seem like right choice. Was raining and cloudy at turn off to karatu for 90km dirt detour.

No entry to tangarine park, an no wildlife on road close to park. On tar again caught a slow truck on te uphill and sat some awesome slip for about 20km, much faster than normal. Could see the locals eyeing this manouver, watch out for the sprinters from magugu area in few years.

Made it just past Babati and found nice secluded camp spot, and just in time. 15 minutes later and could have left the waterbottle wash. Eventually thundr and rain got quite interesting, matras felt like a waterbed, and sleeping next to my bike as a lightning rod. Well didn't wash away although today might have been better if did mud was something else.
Met awesome old man. If all the trucks an busses wasn't sruck behind me would have been tempted to get on. Eventually made it to Kondoa, only covered about 75km today. Mentally was extremely taxing though, had lot of negatice thoughts, doubts and questions...might be the mefliam. Tmrw hopefully get close to Dodoma.


  1. HI August Alle sterkte en voorspoed jy is gedurig in ons gedagtes en gebede Vanessa en die res van die verhurings span.

    Gelukkig is dit nie die 1000 heuwels van Nam nie, maar 50 modder heuwels met n fiets was verseker tawwer!

  2. Closed office early cycle first time to Die hek and back after op and feeling more comfortable on bike. A my km just to support you. ....decided on clips dr will most propably faint but is much easier. Weather great a perfect day no wind.