May 25, 2012

The end of the road

Currently in Zinkwasi. If you are ever passing through do the effort to stop over at Avalon B&B. Amazing hosts, sponsoring my stay over. Always a lot of fun meeting like minded people, reckon could spend a lot of time here just swapping stories.

So instead of the dreaded tar today turned out to be some amazing riding through beautiful forests, swampy forest trails with boardwalks (pretty sure wasn't allowed to ride there but super fun), and lot of sugar cane. Almost killed myself today, could have turned out lot worse so i'm extremely grateful. Missed a cable on super steep downhill, luckily was braking for a ditch and sitting back so shoulder took most of punch. Shudder. Zebra and giraffe.

If i knew the area better would be able to do the same tomorrow, although closer to Durban that might become a problem. Will see how tomorrow goes.

Will do a post on distance and time and all of that once in Durban. Got until the 16th to get fit for a 75km trail run, which if you know me you would know i'm def not a runner. So it might turn out to be an interesting challenge.

In any case, time for this mzungu to hit the bed, sun has been down for a long time.

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