May 19, 2012

Farewell Mozam

Hiding out again with my neon orange tent (what happened to nice camo army tents?). Couldn't make turnoff so lot of traffic, camping next to big tar road. Due to bike chickened out of planned route and did 60km tar today, after 80 super bumpy corrugated sand and what not roads. Thought it would be easier on bike and myself, although having some doubts now.

The corrugation didn't only break me, took some time today to try and fix the fixie (i would much rather have preferred a singlespeed than losing the freewheelbody). Found two cracks on the frame, with one almost classifying itself as a break.
Pratley puttey, cable ties and a hose clamp later..will see how it holds up tomorrow. Unfortunately nothing i can do about the freewheelbody except man up a bit. Legs feeling it though.

Which probably makes this as good a time as any to make the anouncement....
Drum roll... Got a specialized sponsorship for a bike!! Whoop! Still need to work out the details and everything, but even though it might rob me of some spectacular fixie training i'm stoked. Thanks Harry!

Only downside is that it is a 29er which i've been vehemently against...oops. Will see.

Less than 200km from SA border, so last stretch in sight!


  1. Woohoo Harry, woohoo THE AUG! Volgende: RONDOM DIE WERELD! Laat weet as jy in SA is, wil bel...

  2. It's all just a Commie plot to get you onto a 29r ;) Enjoy it.