Jun 2, 2012

Interlude (the other side of the fence)

Ok sorry about no updates for a while. Been hiding from people and society in general.

Struggling to adapt to hundreds of small things and after only two months. Flushing a toilet, or actually just toilets (the normal ones everyone is used to over here) being readily available is weird. Much more so having taps and drinkable water.

Not going to go on too much about that side of things though. Had few more rides with the Specialized carve pro 29er. Unfortunately have to admit that there are some really cool things about the geometry and setup of the bike. Slowly getting used to the idea of riding it. Started running again, much ado about nothing...two weeks till the trail run.

Might post some updates or thoughts until freedom, but for those of you interested in a much more interesting adventure than my daily eating routine follow Jaco Strydoms epic adventure on twitter @jacostrydom. The old blog was beit2cape.blogspot.com. Will check up on that. Else just go search for him on www.endomondo.com. Jaco keep it up! Hope to see you somewhere along the trail!

In any case, loving food, riding with no weight, getting used to running and generally just loving being alive!

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  1. Life is a journey and you have made it count.Enjoy being alive, live life to the fullest ! All the best for Freedom, keep well