Jun 18, 2012


In everything we do certain truths or realities stand out. The way people perceive things, accepting 'normality', choosing to get stuck in traffic everyday, wasting countless hours on trivial things...

In any case. The reality that struck me was that i had done way too little miles for the trail run on saterday and now the body is letting me know about it. Was an absolutely smashing experience in more ways that i could imagine. Staying on the river for most of the way made for some amazing trail running.

Hats off to the people who run the whole thing, winner did it in half our time. My brother committed to the whole run a day before the event, was an exceptional experience being able to share the run and memories. Had an ok start, but after about 12km one hip started giving problems(must be the old age). Herman stuck with me and gave me some myprodols. Eventually left me just before the 30km mark to go and tape his feet at the next water table. When i got there with some serious thoughts of withdrawing he was nowhere in sight. Probably the right motivation so spend the next 8km zoning out and catching up. Unfortunately some of the beauty of the valley was a bit lost on us, might have to do the Duzi next year;).
Made the 55km cut-off with roughly 20min to spare. The last 15km went slow with us walking most of it. Funny and great experience. Could go on for a while about the river crossings or the legs, walking sticks, lame jokes or the complete nothingness. Eventually made the finish after dark, something over 12hours, but an experience thats stays deeply etched into one's mind.

Had a false start on the freedom yesterday, the bunch was off to a flying start and immediately realised i'm in trouble. Couldn't even keep up to the start of Bisley. Knew the legs would be toasted but was prepared for it and to just hang on and keep going until they improve a bit. Too bad it was my knee that was causing the issues. Soos Marnitz se, net jy kan jouself stop, ongelukkig die keer moes ek.

Eventually had to make the call, there was absolutely no way of even making Minerva without some serious damage. So headed back to Pmb, rested the day, going to a spesialist now and hoping for the best..at least i'm getting some great food while staying here at Aintree;).

Lets hope tomorrow night sees me at Allendale.

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