Sep 28, 2012

All the small things

Today i dodged a thousand snails...
Maybe even more, the unsung great migration in the weatern cape seems to be in full swing. Probably not the most inspirational message on one of the last days of the journey, but not much else went through my mind today.

That is excluding the freezing experience on the mountain. I slowly fell into a state where getting my feet warm again was at the top of the priority list. Stopping and getting my hands to cooperate just didnt happen, so i kept soldiering on. Eventually looking up i realised that there was snow all around (the persistentrain didnt help). Eventually made it down and got some more warm clothes on.

The journey has mostly been about seeing the small things and learning to be grateful again. Reconising the moments for what they are and enjoying them. Whether it was a perfect day of singletrack riding, clear skies, riding alongside wildlife or just being frozen and miserable in the rain. If you take the time each moment has a certain facet of beauty to it.

Time to head into stetteyns and experience one more day of spectacular scenery. In all likelihood i'll end the K2C trip at diemers tomorrow, not so sure if i want to do the tar/taxi dodge mission just to finish in cape town instead of 40km out. Reckon the effort in stetteyns should make up for not riding that section. (Marnitz waar het jy al daai braambosse gaan plant?)

Sep 17, 2012


Perfect riding day into Stuttgard farm from Hofmeyr today. As most cyclists know the wind is always from the front...although for most of todays riding i had a great tailwind.

There really is nothing quite like the silent embracement of the Karoo. The people that have felt or understood the magic and allure of this special place will agree when i say that there is nothing to do but to step back in wonder.

Even though quite a bit of the journey is still left spend some time today thinking about what exactly this past few months has done&meant to me.
However my knee succeeded quite convincingly in letting this train of thought go for the time being. Yesterday still felt fine, today strain starting to show. Even though i really love the climbs on the route (makes for great downhills), right now it is basically one painfull pedalstroke after the other. Although you get used to the pain after a while, rather similar to most things in life. Luckily i need to attend a wedding this weekend so will detour a bit from the route, only need to nurse the knee along for three more days of hard riding. Or smash it and go for the paralympics.

In any case, i realised that this journey is about so much more than just the cycle, the amazing scenery and people i meet along the way. One part of it that i have been neglecting for a while is the fundraising aspect, and at the moment that is the main reason to keep pedalling. It is a difficult concept to understand, why would anyone want to give someone else money just because i'm out there somewhere on my bike. That said, i'm sure that every cent makes a difference and hopefully i can help make a difference. A pebble to cause a landslide...

In any case, time to get some rest, hopefully i'll be able to make it over the mountain before the predicted thunderstorm, the crossing Bottlenek was bad enough.

Sep 3, 2012

Learning to walk again (again)

Back on the trail, again again. This time though the ride is different.

Each day i'm riding not to remember but to forget. Started again on the last third of the Kili2Cape route, but after 4days my motivation and knee was going. Rested up and regained some zen at the McLeods, Mark&Nicky i owe you guys big time, thanks.

Currently in Vuvu, struck again by just what hospitality and friendliness should be. Back in africa again. People are way beyond the modern accepted standard of friendly and caring.

To say that i'm not in the best place for the freedom at the moment would be one of those laughable understatements, but at the moment i'm just trying to get into a rythm again and to forget.

The riding though has been amazing, really love this first section of the trail. Lets hope the wind dies down else Lehanas tomorrow could get quite interesting...anyone in for paragliding back to Pietermaritzburg?