Sep 3, 2012

Learning to walk again (again)

Back on the trail, again again. This time though the ride is different.

Each day i'm riding not to remember but to forget. Started again on the last third of the Kili2Cape route, but after 4days my motivation and knee was going. Rested up and regained some zen at the McLeods, Mark&Nicky i owe you guys big time, thanks.

Currently in Vuvu, struck again by just what hospitality and friendliness should be. Back in africa again. People are way beyond the modern accepted standard of friendly and caring.

To say that i'm not in the best place for the freedom at the moment would be one of those laughable understatements, but at the moment i'm just trying to get into a rythm again and to forget.

The riding though has been amazing, really love this first section of the trail. Lets hope the wind dies down else Lehanas tomorrow could get quite interesting...anyone in for paragliding back to Pietermaritzburg?

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