Sep 28, 2012

All the small things

Today i dodged a thousand snails...
Maybe even more, the unsung great migration in the weatern cape seems to be in full swing. Probably not the most inspirational message on one of the last days of the journey, but not much else went through my mind today.

That is excluding the freezing experience on the mountain. I slowly fell into a state where getting my feet warm again was at the top of the priority list. Stopping and getting my hands to cooperate just didnt happen, so i kept soldiering on. Eventually looking up i realised that there was snow all around (the persistentrain didnt help). Eventually made it down and got some more warm clothes on.

The journey has mostly been about seeing the small things and learning to be grateful again. Reconising the moments for what they are and enjoying them. Whether it was a perfect day of singletrack riding, clear skies, riding alongside wildlife or just being frozen and miserable in the rain. If you take the time each moment has a certain facet of beauty to it.

Time to head into stetteyns and experience one more day of spectacular scenery. In all likelihood i'll end the K2C trip at diemers tomorrow, not so sure if i want to do the tar/taxi dodge mission just to finish in cape town instead of 40km out. Reckon the effort in stetteyns should make up for not riding that section. (Marnitz waar het jy al daai braambosse gaan plant?)